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Refill has begun!
Due to the unusually warm weather we had in January and the complete ice out we experienced, it was decided to keep the lake level low a few extra weeks to allow for the colder weather return, to freeze the exposed lake bed and for ice to reform, so that when we started the refill, the ice could do its job and scour the lake bed.

Current depth at the spillway is ~4-ft (+/- a few inches). Todd has closed the gate to allow refill to start while allowing enough outflow to protect the species downstream.

Be on the lookout for the spring newsletter!

Solitude: 2016 Year-End Report


Nov. 29 Update: From Todd Girard: "The pool elevation was perfect at 48 the gate is open to 3 cranks with flow visible at the outlet. I would not recommend making any adjustments to the dam, even with this precipitation the pool elevation will stabilize out in a short time. The draw down is going great, we are just waiting for the freeze up. The key task is not to have the pool elevation go below 48 and negatively impact drinking wells. Refill will begin in January as always."

GEIA Wear!

Hello Shoppers! For your Christmas Gift Ordering convenience, attached please find the printer friendly version of the latest Glen Echo Gear Order Form!

Please note the deadline to place orders is extended to Wednesday, November 30, 2016 for clothing we expect to be ready for you to pick up on Saturday, December 17, 2016 from John Phillips, 135 Sunset Drive, 860-202-8313 (prefers texts)

Please mail order form with your check to GEIA, PO Box 578, Charlton City, MA 01508.

Colors and Sizes available on the Order Form. Questions?
Email or text/call 617-834-6859


Glen Echo Lake is a freshwater lake located in Charlton, Massachusetts. It is 116 acres and primarily used by its residents for fishing, swimming and water skiing.

The Glen Echo Improvement Association, made up entirely of volunteers, was founded to promote good fellowship among its members; to promote the civic welfare of Glen Echo Lake Community; to establish and maintain improvements in and about the community; to improve the ecology of Glen Echo Lake; to preserve the rights and privileges of residents; and to do things necessary and incidental to these purposes permissible under Chapter 180 of the General Laws. It is also our goal to educate lake residents, and provide a social forum for members to express concerns and to share information. Monthly meetings, held during the summer, determine our direction by providing an opportunity for everyone living on Glen Echo to discuss any topic regarding the lake. All voices are heard. You need not be a member of the association to address the group. You do need to be a member of the Association to vote. Meeting dates, times, and location are announced on GEIA bulletin boards around the lake and by our newsletter. Please come to a meeting and learn more about us.

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